Weight loss Mode Activated

Hello chizzweightloss blog family, it has really been a long while. So sorry about this. It has been hectic on my part as I moved continents and so hasn't been that easy settling in.

I gained some kilos in the process but as always, I Am ACCOUNTABLE!!!!.  My start weight as at today is 74kg(163 pounds) and I hope to drop 4kg(8.8pounds) in 30days;( guess it sounds pretty little! Am trying to be very realistic). With determination, I know it will be possible and I also believe  it will be some sort of motivation to anyone that has lost track.

A lot of thanks go to my pals esp O.B, Chuggy, Stanny etc who have called / written to ask what has become of the blog, you guys rock!!

All said, it's time to drop the excuses. MOTIVATION MODE ACTIVATED!

Keep well


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