Basic Equipment for home workout

Someone wrote me today asking what I would recommend as the basic equipment for a home workout. These are some ideas you can use:

  1. Exercise Mat – make sure you get one that is comfortable and a non slip one to avoid unnecessary injuries from occurring.
  2. Dumbbell sets – this is good for both men and women. Most women think that doing weight training will make them muscular…no! You require those weight training if you are really serious about burning those calories.
  3. Barbells – for those who want to go for heavier weights, barbells are a must. They are also very good for doing some variations of squats. You will be doing some nice investments if you put your money on it.
  4. Resistance bands – very effective way of working out even when you travel. They are so easy to carry.
  5. An aerobic step – this will add more fun to your aerobics.
  6. BOSU Ball
    Bosu Ball 
  7. Bosu ball – this is very good for abdominal workouts. You can also use it to do some other variations of strength and core exercises. Also very effective for lower body exercises.
  8. Weight lifting gloves – you wouldn't want your lovely hands to be spoilt by calluses, even if you are a guy.
  9. Adjustable weight bench – this is good for both chest and back exercises.
  10. Skipping rope – this is an all rounder exercise “machine".
  11. Weighing scale/tape – you need to keep track of your statistics

Above all, make sure when you invest in the above that you make use of them.

Keep well, stay active and please share.


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