Ladies, exercise can enhance your Curves!

I have come across a number of ladies that are scared/ sceptical to work out; reason: they do not want to lose one of their most prized possessions-their CURVES!

Though it might sound vain, it is a very sensitive issue and I kind of understand with them. Some say it defines them, while many claim their boyfriends/ partners love them because of their curves and so losing it would put them at risk of losing their relationship.

The great news ladies, is that there are a couple of exercises/work outs that you can do for instance: squats, push-ups, bicycle crunches, lunges, dancing (enrolling in dance classes), walking etc to get rid of the excess weight and stay healthier, whilst maintaining your CURVES.

You’ll be amazed at what the work out can do to your curves: better toned, more defined and of course bringing another level of sexy back.

Always think beyond the curves, do what is best for you to embrace a healthier you. You must always put yourself first while making any decision concerning you. Remember you deserve the best always, so anyone that doesn’t want what’s best for you doesn’t deserve to be in your life.

Keep well, stay active and please share.


  1. Ve lost 9kg in 3mnths. Itz quite small 4 me . Am 77kg nw n it seems d scale doesn't wnt to move. I also noticed lately dat my sholders are gettin broad n my upper body seems bigger . Wat cud be done pls. Hop to hear frm u soon. Tnks

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    1. Hi Amina, good to hear from you. You have actually done an amazing work on yourself. 9kg in 3 months is definitely not small. Remember you didn't gain all in a day.Ditch the scale for now and instead use how losely your clothes feel and how energetic you now are as a guide on your progress. Also, taking measurments and comparing is very ideal. You could probably be building your muscles, that to me might be the explanation as per why the scale is not giving you the numbers that you want and so celebrate other positives that you have noticed. You should also ensure you are controlling your portions well and not over indulging on "HEALTHY FOODS". ensure you eat lots of veggies and drink alot of water. As per your shoulder getting wider, hope you are not lifting very heavy weights. please use the workout routine on the blog as a guide and let me know how you progress. remember to like us on facebook and invite your friends to like as well. Will definitely keep in touch. Kudos to you, you are an achiever.

  3. Tnks so much.everything has bin noted.


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