Managed a good workout despite the Heat Wave (45o C/113oF)

I had a very lazy start today; probably because the weather has been insanely HOT these past few days. Anyways, I finally got to the top of my game.

·          I warmed up with a few stretches

·         Did a 500m run

·         Skipped with a rope 1500reps

·         Kickboxing

·         Ran up 96 stairs and down

·         Cooled down with stretches

Felt so alive and active afterwards.

Meanwhile for breakfast, I had vegetable and zero fat, low cal(35cal) ham, Rye bread sandwich and a glass of freshly blended apple and ginger mix.

Hope you all are keeping up with your workout and trying as much as possible to eat very healthy.

I would be pleased to get mails from you on what you are doing to keep fit and your progress so far.

Keep well, stay active and please share.


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