Want to get rid of those love handles(muffin top): Try these simple exercises

Having love handles(muffin top) can be quite unattractive and a number of ladies do not feel comfortable in certain outfits they would have loved because of this.

Incorporating these simple but effective exercises into your workout routine at least twice a week can do the trick.

  1. Standing Twists: with your hands behind your head; making sure the elbows are wide apart. then bend your knees slightly also making sure your feet are firm on the ground so as to not allow the hips move. Twist from side to side. you can start with 30reps x3 and increase with time. 
  2. Side Bends:keep your arms at your side and your feet slightly apart.Then reach down towards your toes with one arm, while lifting the other and placing on your hip. Repeat on both sides. Do 30reps x3 and increase with time.
  3. Jack Knives or V-Crunch: 10 reps x3

Remember for better results, always make sure you maintain a healthy diet.

keep well, stay active and please share.


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