Determination the key to weight loss

I woke up earlier than usual today because I had an early morning appointment to keep and I didn’t want to forgo my running – I prefer to exercise in the morning when my energy level is still very high.

Initially, I wasn’t sure I could complete my 12 Km run. However, I did complete the distance and enjoyed the feeling. I also managed to squeeze in the following sets of exercises:

      Abs mega crunch – 3 x 30
      Pushups – 3 x 10
      Side pushups 3 x 10
      Squats – 3 x 15

I had to skip a few other targeted exercises for my abs so I could meet up with my appointment.

My breakfast was
Chapatti and Indian curry, with 1 banana and green tea

I ate out for lunch but my dinner was
Grilled pumpkin and Sweet potatoes with vegetable/chicken sauce and cheese


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