Health benefits of weight loss

Blood pressure monitor
For those who are still hesitant on starting the journey to weight loss, I thought I should bring to you some health benefits of weight loss. This does not in any mean that all who are on the big side are unhealthy, rather, to state that with weight loss comes added health benefits. If you are still hesitant on starting the journey, maybe this would trigger your interest:

  • The benefits are as follows:
  • Risk of diabetes is decreased
  • Your blood pressure becomes better
  • Reduces risk of heart disease
  • Reduces risk of cancer
  • Lowers your cholesterol level
  • Your sleep improves and if you have the propensity to developing sleep apnoea, it disappears
  • Your breathing improves
  • Your energy level increases
  • It improves your joints
  • Your gallbladder becomes healthier

Now you have it! Get off your butt and start moving! No more excuses!


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