Making some changes in lifestyle

The 2nd week of my journey became easier. I decided to make some lifestyle modifications:

  • I started taking more of the staircase instead of elevators/escalators: I stay on the 3rd floor 
  • Added some cardio, stretches and dance workout in the house (don’t wait till you go to the gym, your house definitely has more than you think for any work out.
  • Increased my walk to an hour. Feeling lighter and more flexible already! 
  • Also added a bit of jogging to the walk: here you have to go at your pace. Once you are running out of breath, walk at a comfortable pace
For my diet, I modified what and how I eat. 
  • I went easy on the carbs
  • Increased fruits and veggies
  • Started cutting down on animal source of protein

  • Tuna sandwich (with rye bread);
  • Three medium strawberries; and
  • A cup of non fat milk. 
Rice, a piece of chicken, broccoli, and tangerine

  • Rice
  • Veggies
  • Tangerine


  • Moi Moi (Beans pudding) (a Nigerian delicacy)
  • Japanese salad with a drizzle of Caesar's salad dressing
  • Apple slices 

Moi Moi, Japanese salad, and apple slices

  • Always have your dinner early to allow for digestion. 
  • Reduce your food portion
  • Drink water before starting your meal


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