The Old Me before I resolved to cut down

I have come to realize that for any weight loss programme to be effective and sustainable, it should not be seen as a “duty” rather, it should be viewed and approached as a lifestyle modification: which means a healthy continuous transformation of our unhealthy old ways. We must be determined, committed and willing to make sacrifices; and it should also be fun!
The New look Me!
Having said this, my journey to a healthy me started sometime around January 2013 (though I’ll admit I have tried a couple of times in the past without any success as I was going about it in the worst of ways). I had never considered myself overweight (tending towards obesity) as I never saw myself that heavy. Thinking I was still a size 14 big, I ordered some size 16 clothes (to be on a safe side) online and when they came in, they were so undersize. It was a big shock to me but I guess that was what I needed to kick start my journey. I needed to fit into my clothes! I also needed to look sassy!
The journey has not been that easy but once you have a great support base (for me, my husband and son) and take it one day at a time, you’ll surely sub-consciously maintain it.
This blog was started to help me keep track of my progress as well as motivate others going through this transformation process to keep the fire burning.


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