Don’t be judgmental - Focus on yourself to maximize your effort

I usually get my inspiration on the topic to blog about when I am running and this topic kept flashing in my mind. Many a times when we go to the gym, we are quick to judge others subconsciously. For instance when we see someone we “assume” that has a very great physique working out; we believe (very common with females) that the person is out to mock the overweight ones. We tend to forget however that it is only the person wearing the shoes that actually knows where it hurts.

While you might be thinking the person is already perfect and so should not be coming in to show off, the “assumed fit” person knows where her imperfections lie. We also seem to forget that the person might have actually been overweight sometime back and her hard work got her to where she is now. Remember if you put in so much effort to achieve something, you are bound to go the extra mile to maintain it. But wait, come to think of it, even if the person has never had any weight issues, don’t you think she has every right to take care of herself? Exercise after all, is a good thing.

I am not exempted from this mind set as I can remember not too long ago (before I started working out), most mornings, I would see this particular African lady running. In my mind I was like; this person obviously wants to mock people like us because I never saw any need for her to be putting in all that effort since I was seeing her in very good shape! So very naïve of me to have thought like that, now I know better. Keeping in shape is not a once off thing, you must be dedicated and the good thing is that once you start, you’ll definitely not want to stop.

Meanwhile I was quite lazy this morning, but so happy I pushed myself up and ended up doing an hour run.

Keep well, stay active and please share.


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