Some common reasons why we are not losing weight despite regular work outs in the gym

Believe it or not often times we go to the gym to work out but end up engaging in other activities. These (“extracurricular”) activities are obviously our hindrance to achieving our desired goal. Below are some very common reasons:

·         Spending a better part of our gym time socialising than working out.
·         A lot of people have confessed that they concentrate/focus more on watching the opposite sex exercise to the detriment of their own work out.
·         Being distracted by the flat screen in the gym especially when on the treadmill.
·         Consuming a lot of energy drinks during and after work outs (thereby pilling up the calories more).

If any of this is applicable to you, you might want to review your goals in order to ensure that you are back on track.

Keep well, stay active and please share.


  1. You didn't include the mobile phone distraction in the gym. Some people play(ping/tweet/call/keek etc) with their phones all through their workout session.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. It is so true, however have actually written on gadgets being a major distraction in one of my posts.


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