Interview with Afolake Bello: A health and keep fit enthusiast

Today’s feature interview is with a health and fitness enthusiast, as well as a motivational and high-spirited individual. She leads us into her workout style, motivation and lots more.

Name: Afolake Bello

How do you keep fit: TRAIN DIRTY AND EAT CLEAN, trust me listening to fast music helps me keep fit. I don’t know if I can successfully workout without my iPod. I do 3days of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout and 3 days of Low workout and also lift weights 2 or 3times a week (it depends on how I feel lol).
My workouts consists of mostly sprinting and skipping, then jogging, brisk walking, squats, planking, push up, obliques and loads of upper and lower abs workout, then playing basketball. I workout for 1hr 30minutes.

Important: I do loads of circuit training: what this means is that I can sprint for 60secs then immediately do 15push ups, then jog for 2mins then do about 15sets of burpees. This is known to burn fat fast ‘cos the body doesn’t know what’s coming, lol.

What keeps you motivated:  My No.1 motivation is CHALLENGE!  I love to challenge myself; for instance if I sprint for 20secs nonstop, trust me the next day I will sprint for 30secs. I believe the greatest achievement for me right now is that I can sprint for 60secs nonstop. I naturally love physical activities and as a former athlete it’s still a part of me. However, I DON’T WORKOUT TO LOOSE WEIGHT I WORKOUT TO KEEP FIT (weight loss or fat burn is part of the package). I love fashion so when I achieve a certain personal goal I reward myself with buying nice workout clothes and I have to rock them now! lol. Then I also read a lot on weight loss and keeping fit

Hobbies: Playing basketball, shopping, cooking, surfing the net and consuming information (I read a lot on everything I want to know).

What do you eat: I eat about 5times daily in small portions; the body tends to burn food faster when we eat in smaller portions. I never skip breakfast and I eat loads of peppers, veggies, yogurt (Greek or low fat), chicken, sometimes lamb, milk, black coffee, fruits, broccoli, garlic and ginger.

Advice to weight watchers: Keeping fit or weight loss is first a thing of the mind, look at it as a new life style and plan never to stop. Give yourself a 3-month target and within those 3-months give yourself weekly fitness challenges or target, increase your endurance level every 3-months. Never ever compare yourself with someone else and don’t get discouraged if the scale is not giving you positive numbers despite obvious physical changes. When in doubt, your clothes and measuring tape are there to reassure you. Remember when it starts “hurting” it starts “burning”; have a GI JANE MENTALITY. Do your own personal research and read a lot about the body and different muscle groups of the body. Drink loads of water, eat fruits, up your protein intake, try and avoid red meat and replace with chicken.

Advice to people wanting to start: Stop the excuses and START!!!


Keep well, stay active and please share.


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