Don’t leave out your exercise when you travel

Often times when we travel out of our base, we do not feel the need/urge to exercise. Probably because it is not a familiar terrain or we do not want it to encroach into the little period we have away from all the stress at home.

Exercising shouldn’t be seen as a task rather it should be seen in the same way we see reasons to eat (what we must eat to stay healthy and active); it should be part of our lifestyle. And so next time you are travelling, do not forget to pack any light weight exercise equipment you have and also throw in your work out wear into your luggage. In your room you can do in door stretches and cardio without disturbing your next door neighbour, take walks and enjoy the beauty of your surrounding and if you are lodged in a hotel, utilize the gym facility there.

Keep well, stay active and please share.



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