Nutritious Benefits of Watermelon

No doubt the heat is somewhat overbearing, leaving us thirsty almost all the time and wanting to indulge in something very cold to cool off. Instead of grabbing an ice cream or cold drink and increasing our chances of adding a few inches to our waist line, why not try out our one and only WATERMELON.

Watermelon is a great thirst quencher as it is made up of mostly water (about 92%) and hence ideal for the hot weather. It also has a sweet taste as it contains about 8% of sugar and so taking care of your craving for something sweet. A delight for the whole family, very refreshing and can be cut in a variety of fun ways that the kids cannot resist. You can also juice it and serve with ice cubes for cooler effects or chill it in the fridge before you drink. Asides its hydrating and refreshing attributes, it is also a very nutritious and healthy fruit as it has some other very essential benefits:

·         Helps maintain a healthy eye sight and boosts immunity as it is loaded with vits A and C

·         Helps muscle and nerve function as it contains potassium

·         Has been seen to help in fighting certain cancers esp prostate cancers and heart diseases as it contains Lycopene (an anti oxidant)

·         Helps with/prevents erectile dysfunction as it acts as a natural Viagra

·         Helps maintain arteries as it contains amino acids

·         Boosts energy

·         Helps the skin maintain its glow as it  keeps it hydrated

·         Helps in maintaining a healthy weight as it is low in calorie( 30 cal in about 100g)

·         Can also help with the kidney function as it acts as a diuretic

Why not stock up on the fruit today, I am sure you will have every reason to be happy you did.

Keep well, stay active and please share.




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