How to get rid of that extra fat on your arms

How often do you see an outfit you love on the rack but cannot get it (because it is sleeveless) as your arm is a hindrance or you wear a very lovely outfit and get complimented with a “but”…? “Your dress is lovely but doesn’t flatter your arms”!

Many ladies have at least a part of their body that is of great concern to them; one of which is the arm. As worrisome and unflattering as they might appear, they do not pose as much of a health risk as belly fat.

Fat arms, bat wings, Christian mothers’ arm, whichever name you chose to call it and as hilarious as the name(s) might sound, isn’t funny to the person that is being addressed by that.

Aiming to reduce fat or spot reduce fat from the arm is quite difficult because genetics plays a significant role in how fat is being deposited/lost in certain parts of the body, and so a holistic approach should be applied when trying to lose fat from the arms. The overall aim is to lose weight (if overweight) and maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising.

  • Lean protein e.g. chicken, turkey etc, is very good as well as vegetables, low fat/non fat diary, whole grains, fruits and nuts (in moderation) are beneficial. Avoid high carbohydrate, high fat diets sweets, junk etc.
  • Oestrogen imbalance also plays a role in fat deposition so eat foods that can raise this hormone level in moderation e.g. soy products.
  • Aerobics help increase the heart rate thereby burning calories and so doing at least 30mins of aerobics eg jogging, jumping ropes, walking, elliptical, swimming etc five times a week is also great.
  • Resistance training should also be incorporated into your routine at least twice a week as they help build muscles and so can tone the arms, e.g. press ups, squats. Aim at a set of 10 of each and increase with time.
  • Exercises that target the individual arm muscles are also encouraged e.g. for the biceps (the muscles in front): arm curls with dumbbells etc while triceps (muscles at the back): triceps kick backs, dips, bench grips etc.
  • Remember to consult your physician before embarking on any weight loss programme especially if you are on medication and also, always listen to your body when working out so as to avoid injuries.
Keep well, stay active and please share.


  1. This is really a nice article. A very good advice for those of us ladies out there.
    Love your work sis. Big time. Chichi

    1. Chi love, thanks for the thumbs up. I truly appreciate.

  2. Its onyeka again..I was jogging ds morning n I felt a sharp pain by my side had to stop n walk...I don't know if its becos I totally forgot to eat yesterday,cos I had smoothie in d morning,n forgot I hadn't eaten all day!!still hvaing the pain,what do u advise

    1. Halo Onyeka. sorry for the pains. please take a pain relief tab but if the pain continues do see your GP. Please ensure you are not starving yourself,weightloss is a process and so you have to go easy with it. Eat small but frequent portions everyday and never skip meals. Also ease into each exercise routine.

  3. Look forward to your post daily. Hope is what you give me. Cheers


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