WANT versus NEED: Are our WANTS adding inches to our waistline?

“The aroma from this pastry shop is just so irresistible; I WANT to eat the whole shop.” “I can perceive the sweet smell of freshly baked bread from that bakery, I just WANT to eat one now.”

Most times what we want is not always what our body NEEDS to stay healthy and often times (unfortunately), the ones we NEED to really stay fit and healthy, are not always palatable to the eyes and so we tend to be put off immediately we see them (Does this remind you of broccoli?). The sweet smell of butter, sugar, freshly baked pastry, sighting yummy looking baked/fried food sends signals to the brain that we want it, just to satisfy that immediate craving. However, we should learn to apply a bit of self control in such situation. Stop and think for a moment before you reach for all that yummy sugary/high fat stuff and ask yourself if it is what your body actually needs.

I was living very close to a bakery sometime back, and I always knew when the bread was ready, as the irresistible aroma would fill the air. Of course, I would stroll down to go and get freshly baked bread. If you have ever eaten freshly baked bread (just out from the oven) you’d surely understand what I mean, as it tastes so heavenly! I would squeeze a medium sized loaf into a ball and finish it up with a big bottle of ice cold drink. It actually became a habit and before I knew it, I had added a very significant number to my waistline.

Once you change your mind set and have a bit of self will and control, you’ll be so surprised how you wouldn’t even take notice of all those pastry shop nearby. I am not saying you shouldn’t have a “cheat” day, once in a while give yourself a treat; but know you have to work harder if you do. Remember eat to live and not live to eat.

Keep well, stay active and please share. 


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