Interview with Japanese keep fit enthusiast Yayoi Sugawara

Yayoi showing some flexibility

I am excited to start doing feature stories, so that people can share what they do to stay fit, as I know this will further motivate people to strive to become healthier and fit. Please send in your stories with at least two pictures We’ll be happy to feature you.

Yayoi my Japanese friend shares with us how she manages to keep in shape. Please read on:

Name: Yayoi Sugawara

How do you keep fit: I am naturally a very active person; however I RUN for about 2 hours three times a week and also do STRENGTH TRAINING in the gym three times a week. When I am not working out, I try as much as possible to stay active.
Flexibility test

How long have you been working out: for as long as I can remember; actually at age 3years, I had started taking part actively in sports and engaging in some physical activities.

What keeps you motivated: being fit

I notice Japanese people are very flexible and fit; what’s the secret: I believe it is because parents/care givers encourage their kids very early in life to explore, become physically active and engage in sports.

What do you eat to stay in shape: I make sure I drink freshly squeezed juice every morning, take a lot of water and eat lots of vegetables. I also try as much as possible to eat only when hungry and control what goes into my mouth.

Hobbies: shopping, watching movies and dancing.

Advice for weight watchers: stay focused, be determined and you’ll not go wrong.

For those wanting to start: it is never too late to start. Define your goals and you can do it.

Keep well, stay active and please share.


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