SQUATS! The King of exercise

Read a lot on the benefits of doing what most people refer to as the king of exercise: SQUATS and I have decided to give myself a month’s (30 days) challenge; having rest days in between to see if the results I wish for would be obvious.

There are different ways of doing squats but if you are a beginner like me, the simple basic beginner squats are ideal as you can still achieve a lot with it. The beauty of doing squats is that it is very practical and functional as you can do it anywhere (with or without equipments), so you can even do it in your office during your lunch time!

With squats, you do not only work out the lower body (legs, hips, butt) as it is also a great core and upper body work out. Your chances of developing injuries during exercises especially if you are active in sports are reduced as squats help increase mobility and flexibility in the limbs which in turn can lead to an enhanced performance.

Squats when done appropriately can also firm and tighten up the gluteus (butt) muscles thereby lifting the butt; am sure this is why ladies also love this exercise!
Squats require a lot of effort and so you tend to burn more calories and gain muscle mass.

I will surely keep you guys posted on my progress with my challenge. You can also give yourself a 30 day challenge and share your experience and results with us.
Keep well, stay active and please share.


  1. Squatting is great.
    When i squat i come up with a side leg raise to work on my obliques. It was so much fun especially when i started feeling the burn. I do 20reps of 3sets. The following day i feel pain on around my waist region, inner and outer thighs, glutes and quads.
    This stuff works.

    1. so true. The pain is what actually discourages most people but like it is said, no pain ,no gain.


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