Interview with Oluchi on how she stays in shape

My sister Oluchi shares how she keeps fit with us, so please read on.

NAME: Oluchi Onuigbo

HOW DO YOU KEEP FIT: I take an hour dance class every week, do an average of 100 squats five times a week, plank on daily basis and also try to take long walks regularly.

WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED: seeing and knowing the dangers of being overweight

HOBBIES: giving people makeovers and shopping.

WHAT DO YOU EAT: I usually eat meals high in protein: boiled and porridge beans, moi-moi, fish, chicken, soy/cow milk, high fibre cereals, boiled yam, fruits and vegetable; all in moderation. I also make sure I stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and green tea.

ADVICE TO WEIGHT WATCHERS:  easy does it. Weight loss is a gradual process, keep your exercise up and stick to your diet; you’ll see results in no time. Remember to drink lots of water and never give up.

ADVICE TO PEOPLE WANTING TO START: stop thinking and just start because the more you think the more excuses you create for yourself.

Keep well, stay active and please share.


  1. Oluchi is an awesome young girl. My name is joan okorodudu

    1. Thank you Joan. She truly is an amazing person and i am blessed having her as a sister.

    2. Aunt Joan is the best!Oluchi

  2. Lulu darling! you're tres amazing! Keep it up darling.Chisom Ezeoba


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