Don't ignore that persistent pain during workouts!!!

One of the mistakes we often make while on the course of weight loss is to work out with pain, after all we say: “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”. Yeah, that is true but remember everything shouldn’t be taken literarily like that. If you are working out you must as a rule, listen to your body. Once you start having/experiencing unexplained pains, I strongly advise you to stop and find out what is wrong. It could be that you are not getting an exercise position right or you are over stressing your muscles or you are not easing into your program right or even not eating right.

Whatever the case, always take the necessary precautions because it is only someone that is healthy that can perform optimally. Whether you like it or not with pains, your output decreases a lot and most of the time you end up wasting precious time. Sort out yourself, review your routine and visit your GP if the pains persist to be sure you have not sprained or damaged an organ.

A while ago (when I started running newly), I started experiencing a very sharp pain on my right knee. The knee was so tender and swollen and was always worse after running. One thing I am thankful for is that I listened to my body. I quickly identified that my right limb was bearing most of the weight and so was getting over worked. I knew I needed to give my limbs a rest (for a while) and also had to review my routine in order to reduce the strain on any part of my body. Guess what after getting my knee checked out and resting the limbs, everything was back to normal in no time. However, I still kept up with my other routine: eating healthy and doing basic stretches.

In summary, take it easy, start at a comfortable pace and increase with time and make sure you research/ask for the accurate position of any exercise program you are not too conversant with.

Keep well, stay active and please share.


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