Lost 16.7Kg (36.8 Pounds) in 5 Months! Still going strong!


Wao! My target date is here!

Five months ago I climbed the scale and was shocked by the numbers I saw. That, and the fact that some clothes I bought online couldn’t fit told me one thing: that I was overweight. While I wasn’t feeling overweight, the jury was out and I needed to do something fast!

I committed myself to losing some of the excess weight. I set a goal of losing 20Kg in 5 months. A bit overreaching you may think; but I thought it as being realistic. My reasoning was that if I could lose 4kg a month, then I could achieve it.

Having set my target and goal, I thought of the plan in achieving the goal. While researching on weight loss, I saw a couple of options from popping weight loss pills, surgery, exercise, dieting, etc. As a medical doctor, I know the dangers and disadvantages of popping pills and surgery. I, therefore, chose the diet and exercise option. My decision for going this route was mainly because I wanted to kill two birds with one stone. That is, losing weight and improving on my health. It was a wise decision. I must, at the risk of using the cliché that ‘losing weight is not easy,’ restate it.

This is not to discourage you; but rather, to prepare you for the journey. On the other hand, losing weight becomes easy once you master the ‘tricks.’ The Master Key to weight loss is the MIND! Once you convince yourself; you can start the journey. In my case, I realized that because the decision to start was made by me, and not suggested by another person, I was able to stay focused.

Now the big question you want to ask is; have I achieved my set goal of losing 20 kg? Let us compare statistics when I embarked on the journey and now.

Starting Statistics
  • Weight: 84.9 Kg/187 Pounds
  • Arm: 13.5 Inches (35 cm)
  • Bust: 40 Inches (102 cm)
  • Waist: 41 Inches (104 cm)
  • Hips: 40 Inches (102 cm)
  • Thigh: 24 Inches (62 cm)


Current Statistics
·      Weight: 68.2 Kg/150.3 Pounds
·      Arm – 12   (31 cm)
·      Bust – 35   (89.5 cm)
·      Waist – 33   (85 cm)
·      Hips – 36     (92 cm)
·      Thigh – 22     (56.5 cm)

You will notice that I have really achieved an overall weight loss (16.7Kg/36.8 Pounds). Though I am still 3.3 kg off my set target weight, I know I have achieved a lot. Will I abandon my routine now? No! I am more committed now than before, more so, as I have motivated some to join me on the journey. Secondly, I like the new discovered me! I will be working on maintaining my weight as soon as I hit my target. Remember, this is a journey, and one has to guard against slip ups.


I will keep those of you who have joined me on the journey motivated by my tips, and advise. I welcome those who also want to start. Remember, the time to start is NOW!

Keep well, stay active and please share!


  1. Amazing keep it up

  2. Well done! I appreciate your awareness & determination

  3. Well-done! Great awareness and determination.


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