Exercise and Child Development

With modernity and urbanization children rarely get the opportunity to play and exercise the way we all did when we were growing up. These days, our children occupy themselves more with watching TV than going out to get dirty in the sand. Exercise however, has been known to be very beneficial to the growing child. It is never too early or too late to start our children in exercises. These and more are some of the benefits they will get:

     They will build a stronger immune system to fight common afflictions and it    will lay a good foundation for their health as adults
   They will not be at the risk of being obese, which equally has its health challenges like diabetes and high blood pressure
       Their bone structure forms better and their strength improves
          It improves the heart, lungs, and arteries
       It improves their mental health and they are likely to be more intelligent and focused
•  It improves their quality of sleep, which will definitely aid in brain development
       It helps children develop confidence and a good self esteem
      In a lighter mood, it sets them up to becoming successful sports persons in future which will be a source of income and fame

In getting them started, you could do the following:

 Start with simple walks in the neighbourhood or if you stay in a large compound let them run around there
  Make the exercise fun for them and not another forced chore they must perform
      Get involved to the extent you can; this way they enjoy it more
      Go to Children’s play parks and let them mingle with other children
      Use age appropriate toys to stimulate their urge to play
      Above all, they should be moving and not be couch potatoes; so limit TV times 

Keep well, stay active and please share


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