Running under the summer sun!

Vending Machines (In every street corner)
I woke up this morning feeling the urge to hit the pavements – running. The weather this morning was not as hot as it has been these past days. It was 33oC (95oF) with 70% humidity, pretty hot still but I decided to risk it.

As usual, I had my backpack with my water bottle in it. I knew I should have packed more, but I didn’t want the backpack any heavier. Moreover, I relied on the knowledge that there are lots of Vending Machines littered at every street corner in Tokyo, and I could easily buy water from them when I need more.

A lady walking her dog
The heat increased in intensity as I kept running. I also met a few runners and people walking briskly and we exchanged acknowledgeable bows bothering on éspirit de corps, as is the custom in Japan. Interestingly, there was an unusual number of Ambulances ‘idling’ by the street corners. When I enquired to their presence, I was informed that they were there just in case anyone walking or running gets exhausted – very thoughtful – The Japanese think of everything!

Not withstanding the heat, I was able to have a good run, though I felt more exhausted than ever; the heat I guess. Maybe I should try to stick to more indoor exercises these days. I might also consider running in late evenings, as they are cooler. The downside of that however, is that I should be home making dinner for the family, and after dinner, I wouldn't be in the mood to run. Well, we see how the summer goes! 

Keep well, stay active and please share.
Back from running...sweating!!!


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