Fish and Vegetable Sauce

Had this very delicious sauce for dinner today and felt I should share the recipe.

You’ll need

·         Mackerel-  one med sized( cut and cleaned)

·         Prawns-200g(cooked)

·         Tomatoes- two med sized(chopped)

·         Bell pepper- one med sized(deseeded and diced)

·         Spinach- three med sized bunches(shredded)

·         Onions- one med sized(chopped)

·         Fish seasoning or any seasoning of choice

·         Stock cube- one

·         Salt- to taste

·         Olive oil/any heart friendly oil- one and half tablespoonful


·         In a pot add fish, ¾ of onions, salt, stock cube, seasoning and water

·         Cook on med heat

·         Once fish is cooked, turn off heat and  place fish on a flat plate to cool

·         Once cooled, debone fish and cut into small pieces and set aside

·         In a skillet/ non stick pan, add oil and heat

·         Once heated, add remaining onions and bell pepper

·         Sauté mix for about two mins

·         Add chopped tomatoes into onion and pepper mix and sauté for another 4-5mins

·         Then, add about a cup(200mls) of fish stock, prawns and fish

·         Cover and bring to a boil

·         Once boiled, add spinach and cook for about 1-2 min

·         Taste test for salt

·         Turn off heat

Sauce is ready to serve. This recipe serves 3-4 people.

This fish sauce is highly nutritious, not high in calorie and can be enjoyed in so many ways: with, potatoes, couscous, boiled yam, rice etc or can be eaten just like that.

Super easy to prepare, so you go on and try it out today. You can also substitute any ingredient with one of your choice.

Keep well, stay active and please share.




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