Making time to exercise with the kids

Kids and Adults having fun at a park

Being a caregiver (parent/guardian) especially to kids can be very demanding and most of the time, you find yourself having little or no time to engage in other activities let alone exercise (‘cos the little time you have, you’ll obviously want to rest after all the children drained out most of your energy!). Most times however, we tend to forget that kids are naturally very energetic and love being active while they are awake.

Try incorporating your work out time into the time they are fully active and you are sure to have actually killed two birds with one stone. There are activities you can do with your kids. For instance:
  • Jumping jacks;
  • Squats;
  • Jogging on the spot; and
  • Even dancing with them.
  • All these can be done indoors with no equipments required. However if you wish to take them out for their park time, instead of sitting at a place; you could do with some stretches and aerobics yourself.
I can assure you that you all will have a fun time while keeping fit and you know what else you’ll be happier for, they’ll sleep earlier (and better) because of the exercise and so you’ll have more time for yourself.
Keep well, stay active and please share.


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