A change of wardrobe soon!


I guess it is high time I got a change of wardrobe as all my clothes no longer fit. Took me a deal of time ransacking through my wardrobe to see if I could find anything quite suitable to wear; even the jeans are so lax!!

Meanwhile, I am so happy today that I motivated someone today to start her own journey.

For my workout today, I took a long walk and also did some stretches. I located a gym quite close to me and I am super excited about it ‘cos at least a staff speaks a bit of English so I can at least communicate.

Muscle toning is a bit of a challenge to me, trying to take it one day at a time but guess I am getting rather impatient as the clock is ticking; that means count down to my “final “weigh in.

Dinner today couldn’t have been yummier; I had 2 corncobs.

Keep well, stay active and please share


  1. I've strted my own journey,been on veggies(ugu)n carrots steamed...taking lots of water,our gym fee was increased so I prefer skipping(300)n walk in d evening...buh my problem is,my arms never goes down,I do use dumbells.u inspire me

    1. Onyeka, so happy you are inspired. you can start off on your own for now. please make sure you eat small but frequent meals. I prefer raw carrots to steamed as you might over steam it. for your arms, you can do arm circles, flexing and extending your arms, jumping jacks. dumb-bells are great but please don't use heavy ones. you can even jog on the spot with them. Thumbs up once more for starting and please keep me posted.

    2. Woah, very inspiring...


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