Beans and plantain pottage - going down memory lane

Beans and Plantain pottage with grilled fish and veggies/fruit

One of my Japanese friends surprised me with some plantains over the weekend. I was super excited because it is extremely difficult to get plantains in Japan. I made one of my old time favourites with it; beans and plantain pottage. It is a very great way of eating ripe plantain without frying (and so lesser calories!). It was so nostalgic eating it, as it reminded me of “Thursday afternoons” at Federal Govt.  Girls College Owerri (my secondary school); one of the best meals at the time.

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  1. Aaahh feddy beans on thursday,always watery joor...went to same loosing it oo,so happy...

    1. @ anonymous, hahahhaha. maybe during your set it was watery but getting beans and plantain deals was great during our time. please keep visiting the blog and please share with your friends.


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