No Pain No Gain: Plank exercises as core strength exercise


I actually found out about plank exercises recently and incorporated it into my routine today. It was so difficult but I had all the good compliments running through my mind and so, it kind of blocked out all the pains. Hey what’s that saying again… yeah, NO PAIN, NO GAIN?

Plank exercise is an intense abdominal or core strength exercise.  It can help strengthen the abs, back and shoulders.  While doing Planks, you must ensure:

  • Shoulders are above the elbows
  • Your abdomen is drawn in (the firmer, the harder the exercise; the better)
  • Feet should be wide apart
  • Buttocks should be low
  • Start with 10-15 secs and increase your time after a while
  • Rest for about 10 secs and repeat
  • Do 3 sets

Be sure to be on the right level (as if you are in a push-up position), because being too high will not be effective and being too low can cause back pains. There are various variations of plank exercises but for now, I guess I’ll stick to the most common type: front plank

Keep well, stay active and please share!!


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