The time to start is NOW!

Are you thinking of starting the journey of weight loss for any reason, be it health, aesthetics, etc.? Have you been putting it off for one excuse or the other? Don’t worry, you are not alone, as many have faced this dilemma, even yours truly.

The truth however, it that as long as you keep pushing away acting on your desire for weight loss, you can never start and you cannot wish yourself into losing weight. YOU MUST ACT ON IT!

The day to start is NOW! Leave whatever you are doing now and commit yourself to the journey.

Keep well, stay active and please share!


  1. I have started today will keep you posted, I have 3 months to loose minimum 10 Kg. will keep the blog updated on my progress , I shall weigh in every sunday. Start up weight 79kg hmmm. so motivated by ur piece, I have done 30 mins on my wii fit, jogging, had baked beans , sweetcorn and tuna for dinner last night, I am having oats for breakfast. wish me luck. I CAN DO IT.


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