Couscous as alternative for rice lovers

Couscous with grilled salmon

Ever since I found out about couscous, I have so loved it and have been using it as a substitute for rice. Couscous is so filling, yet so low in calorie, when compared to rice or quinoa. A cup of cooked couscous contains 176 calories as against 206 and 222 calories for the same measure of rice and quinola respectively.

Am sure a number of people will be wandering what type of food this is? Well, it is actually small grained pasta made from millet or semolina. It is very great for weight watchers and can be savoured in a great number of ways:
  • Mixed into salads
  • With stew
  • With soup
  • With veggies
  • With chicken, meat, mushrooms, shrimps, fish

I love eating mine incorporated into salads with a piece of grilled salmon; just so yummy!!

Keep well and stay active. Please share.


  1. Yay! to couscous Fans. I love Love Couscous. And Yes it does a lot for your waist line. Try it. Weigh yourself, Substitute any rice you would have eaten for the week with couscous instead and after one week, weigh yourself again.
    Thanks Chi Chi for sharing this. I stir- fry mine with chicken strips, cut susages, shrimps and Mixed vegetables and season to taste.

    1. Thanks so true. I just discovered couscous recently, and I am liking it. Thanks for further hints on recipe!

  2. Can this diet be available in Nigeria and how can it be prepared? Just by mixing millet and semolina just thinking

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    1. yes couscous is available in Nigeria.I know it is a staple in some Northern parts of Nigeria;so please check in any big supermarket or big market around you. you can equally ask your friends from the North.I don't think you'll prepare it by just mixing millet and semolina.

  3. Thanks Author for the reply, highly appreciate. Keep it up.


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