Some salient points for effective weight loss

“I eat healthy foods, workout and do most of the things I need to do to lose weight; yet nothing positive is coming out of it; in fact weight loss is easier said than done, I can’t continue.” This is a very common statement and seriously, it is so frustrating to put in a lot and not get any results (whether it is with weight loss or not)!

The key to unlocking this mystery oftentimes lies with us. Yes, you might be doing all the right things you know are meant to give you positive results but in the wrong ways. Some tips on my dos and don’ts:

  • Oftentimes, we over indulge in healthy foods without putting into consideration that these healthy foods or snacks often contain a lot of calories e.g. nuts, avocados, energy bars, fruits etc.
  • Rushing meals is another major culprit. Your mealtime should be your ‘me’ time and so, do not rush it and do not let your gadgets be a distraction during meal times. Savour the moment, chew your food slowly and well before swallowing.

  • Skipping meals especially breakfast is another factor. Not only are you not kick starting your metabolism adequately, the tendency to nibble on unhealthy food during the day is increased.
  • That a food is labelled low fat or No fat does not mean we should over indulge in it. These foods also contain a good amount of calories on their own, so as always moderation is key.
  • How we eat our veggies matter a lot. Most times because we find eating them a bit boring, we tend to drizzle a lot of cream or dressing on them. Be careful, even if they are low fat, they contain a good amount of calories per serving.
  • Not getting support from your partner, family or friends can hinder you effort.
  • The last but definitely not the least is not challenging your body from time to time.
Therefore, try identifying where you seem to be going wrong and I bet, you’ll start getting the great results you have been working hard for.
Keep well, stay active and please share.


  1. I couldn't wait to wake up n write ds...I bought one very nice jeans,n it couldn't pass my thighs as of 2months back,I kept it...I just decided to try dem on last night,guess what,the bottons locked,buh still tight a so happy,,at ds point I need to check my weight,to encourage me more!!thank u so much chinyere,just on 2weeks now oo...onyeka..

    1. wow Onyeka, so happy for you. you are truly an achiever, don't relent cos in no time the Jeans will be dropping off your waist. hahaha. please don't forget to like us on facebook and also keep checking on the blog for more. remember to share with your friends. thumbs up!


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