Maximize your workout time: Don’t let the gadget distract you

Getting set to hit the road

With the world evolving into an IT village, it is almost impossible to come across anyone that does not have at least a cell phone. As convenient and as exciting as they might be; you should not let the gadgets come in your way while working out so that you can maximize your time and achieve your target.

Granted, you might be using your gadget to play your workout music, ensure you keep it at that during your workout; keep off from other forms of distractions that might come; pinging, chatting, texting, receiving or making calls etc. they can surely wait. Once you have a routine and your friends notice or know you are not available around a certain time, I can assure you; nobody will bother you (unless it is an emergency) and you know what this means, more focused and result oriented approach to a healthier you!

Keep well, stay active and please share.


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